HidroAtlântico is a consulting company with 10 years’ experience acting in two main activities areas: Studies, Engineering Design and Project Management; Real Estate & Facilities Management.

Areas of activity

  • Studies
  • Engineering Design and Project Management;
  • Project Management
  •  Real Estate & Facilities Management.
  • Systems Operation


  • Urban hydraulics and Hydraulic resources
  • Buildings
  •  Transports
  •  Infrastructures
  •  Environment

Where are we

Having started its activity in the Azores, HidroAtlântico now has presence in the continent (Portugal) as well as in Angola, Cape Verde, Brazil and Equatorial Guinea.


Contribute to the execution of sustainable real estate projects that promoting sustainability development environment and quality of life.


Engineering Studies and Projects

Coordination, verification, analysis, design review, based projects and licensing

Supervision of Contracts and Construction Works

Advising the owner of Work, management systems, information and communication, planning control, deadlines and costs.

Health and Safety Coordination

Safety coordination and Health and Safety Plan in Design and construction stage.

Economic studies

Urban water, sanitation and public lighting, transport and waste services

Management, Maintenance and Operation

Urban water, sanitation and public lighting, buildings and waste services


Climate change, decarbonisation, digitization, water efficiency, energy efficiency and energy transition

Engineering Sectors

  • Dams
  • Urban hydraulics
  • Marine and river hydraulics
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Environment and Waste
  • Public and Private Buildings
  • Industry
  • Roads and highways
  • Bridges and works of art
  • Energy, production and transport


HidroAtlântico must be associated by our Clients to our Entrepreneurial vision of engineering of  the future, based on:

  1. innovative processes,
  2. industry best practices
  3. Soluções personalizadas
  4. optimization of the CAPEX – OPEX balance (investment costs vs operation expenditures).
  5.  A relationship of trust with the client.


Our employees are experienced technicians and professionals in the following fields:  

Engineering and Planning

• Hydraulics • Hydrology • Sanitary and Effluent Treatment • Structures and Foundations • Geotechnical and Geological • Transport and Roads • Bridges and Works of Art • Electricity and telecommunications • Telegraph Management • Electromechanics


  • Water Management Plans
  • Sanitation Management Plans
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Public Electricity and Lighting Master Plans
  • Transportation Management Plans
  • Infrastructure Management Plans
  • Bridges and Works of Art
  • Urban Plans


  • Planning
  • Building architecture
  •  Interior architecture
  •  Landscaping



  •  Economic feasibility studies
  •  Project finance
  •  Public-private partnership



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Calheta, Ilha de São Jorge

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